At one point when you thought of Monster you automatically thought of Beats By Dre. A brand you couldnt help but see and still see to this day. Whether your fan of them or not. Earlier this year Beats and Monster decided to go their separate ways and Monster has decided to focus back on headphones and recreate their audiophile headphones with their own branding.

At 1st glance you’d think they were just another version of Beats because of  its bass blurring sounds, but these actually had a better sound to them from testing them out briefly. These seem to balance more with any type of music you listen to and give a better overall sounding experience. Some features like the Beats By Dre model is the active and passive versions of the headset.

A couple of interesting things I noticed about Inspirations is the options it allows you to have with the device. It comes with three different audio cables such as straight audio mini-to-mini, Universal ControlTalk™ and ControlTalk for Apple devices, making them ideal for use with virtually any devices. Also you’re able to change the headbands to your leisure and the Inspirations will come out in three colors.
The changing of the headbands reminds of the Sol Republic brand which is head by Kevin Lee (the son of Monster creator).

Monster’s “Inspirations” should be hitting retailers shortly and hopefully we should have a full on review on here also.

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