The phone that everyone has been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S III is finally here. Samsung held a beautiful event recently where they showcased some of the phones features. The Samsung Galaxy S III is the answer to the regular android phones out there and the iPhone 4S and possibly the iPhone 5. After ample time of using the device I am ready to give a full review.

I’ll start with the things I look for in a smartphone.  I absolutely love taking pictures! I need a phone with a fast shutter and good automatic camera settings. When it comes to phones; the bigger the better! I am all over this screen size; a win for me since I love watching videos on my phone. This phone has a wide array of cool features. I will highlight my favorites and most useful. While all of these features aren’t brand new to smartphones they are completely revamped and highly responsive.

Let’s Get Physical

Let’s start with the physical. The glossy coating comes in two colors; white and pebble blue.  AT&T will offer a red version later on this summer. Some consumers won’t enjoy the plastic case because it “cheapens” the look. But I don’t have a problem with it, since it makes the phone lighter.  You will need a tight grip to make sure this sleek device doesn’t fall. While it’s very slippery and lightweight; the phone is a giant. I have never been into small phones. Size does matter. I will sacrifice storage and portability for size. At 5.4 inches long and 2.8 inches wide; it takes a little bit of getting used to when handling the phone. But the sides are thin enough to ensure a somewhat comfortable feeling when playing with the device. The 4.8” HD super AMOLED screen is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and with a resolution display of 1280 x 720.

The Samsung Galaxy S III has a dedicated home button on the front bottom center; with the menu button to its left and the back button to its right. I love having the option to “go home” at the click of a button. On the front top you have the sensors, LED indicator and the 1.9 megapixel front-facing camera. On the very thin right side is the power/standby button and the left is the volume rocker. No dedicated camera button. The back panel has the 8 megapixel camera, flash and speaker. While I am a bit disappointed at the lack of a camera button; I am satisfied with the addition of a home button. Unlike the iPhone’s home button which is inward; the S III’s home button pops out just a tad. A double-click of the home button will launch S-Voice (Samsung’s version of iPhone’s Siri). To see your recently used apps, just hold down the home button. The phone is charged through micro USB port located in the bottom center and headsets/headphones are plugged in to the top side left.

Pretty On The Inside

What inside counts too! The phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon1.5 GHz dual core processor. I know, we’re all saddened that we can’t have the quad-core available overseas. But speed is not all lost. The 2 GB of ram are helpful in the speed and lagging (which there has been none of yet!). It feels “iOS” smooth. Yeah, I said it! Internal storage is 16 GB or 32 GB and can hold up to a 32 GB memory card.
Samsung’s user interface Touch Wiz 5.0 is helpful. As some are annoyed at the software, I find it helpful. LivePanels, and the Quick Panel are what enhance ease of use and sharing capabilities.


My Favorite Features


Smart Stay – Finally the phone screen won’t turn off while reading. The camera knows that I’m still looking at the phone and will keep the screen lit

Best Photo – I am definitely one of those people who say “Take the pic again.” way too often. With the Burst shot feature, I can take up to eight pictures quickly and pick the best from the set!

Buddy Photo Share – Using advanced face recognition, the phone recognizes my friends, making it faster and easier to share pictures with them.

S-Voice – I get that this is mostly a gimmick and I probably won’t be using this feature in a few months. But, while others are ranking on the “Siri Knockoff”, I’ve had nothing but success with it. A couple of non-answered questions but again it has gotten the job done.

Motion Activation – Everything from taking a screen shot by swiping the screen with the side of your hand to muting and pausing sounds by covering the screen with your hand.

Battery Life (2100 mAh battery) – I have been on my phone nonstop. It’s just a pleasure to use. Given the screen size and activity I am pleasantly surprised that I don’t have to charge it often.

Easy to Customize – I love the Choco cooky font available with the device. You can also download more fonts online. But you have a few options without adding more to the phone.

Which Carrier?

Prices and 4G service availability vary with location. You should know which carrier serves best in the areas you frequent most. Here’s a little chart to help with the decision-making:

VERIZON $199.99 / 249.99 $599.99 / 649.99 4G LTE
AT&T (ONLY 16 GB) $199.99 $549.99 4G LTE
SPRINT $199.99 / 249.99 $549.99 / 599.99 3G / 4G LTE
T-MOBILE $279.99 / 329.99 $629.99 /679.99 4G


This phone will be a tough one to beat. While I doubt one user will find use of its many features; it seems that Samsung has covered all its corners.  It has something for everyone. Whether it’s the mobile photographer, the social media addict, or the employee who travels often; activities on a smartphone have become a lot easier to execute with the Samsung Galaxy S III. This powerful device offers nothing but convenience for every task at hand. Even going from texting to calling someone has become a breeze (Known as Direct Call: just lift the handset to ear when texting the person).

The biggest complaint I’ve heard from the blogs and friends; is the size. As clumsy as I am; I have had no problem texting or playing games on the phone. I’ve yet to drop it (surprising I know). Another great thing is that the phone is coming to all carriers. No one will be left out. While price (T-Mobile has a bundle price and speed may change depending on the carrier you choose, the powerhouse phone is available for all. I am excited to see what cases are out there for the S III as I am an accessories type of gal.

The phone being too big and the fact that my carrier (Sprint) does not have LTE available in my area yet are not deal-breakers for me. Fortunately this phone came in just in time for my upgrade which I desperately needed. There’s not much I’d say no to in this beauty of a phone. I think that for the price and internal storage, you’re getting a heck of a deal on the latest game changer. In comparison to Apple, I am sure they realize that they are getting great competition from Android and the Samsung Galaxy S III is a force to be reckoned with.

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