At E3 Sony was saying Playstation Vita owners would be getting access to Youtube on their devices. Couple weeks later and that day is upon us and is now available to us.

YouTube for PS Vita does give you the ability to watch videos on either 3G or WIFi connections. Also you can watch videos in a full screen format or a smaller screen with descriptions and ability to select other videos on the right side. Another good thing is there is a HD button if you would like to watch your videos in 720P quality. The videos on the PS Vita’s OLED 5″ screen look pretty great. On a WIFI connection the app itself is pretty speedy with videos loading up pretty quick.

There is also some of the other usual YouTube options tabs such as Recommended, Search, History and Favorites(logging into your YouTube pulls this up). What seems to be absent is for Subscriptions. I wonder why this is missing but seeing this is a 1st release it will soon be added.

YouTube is available in the PlayStation Store available now for download

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