Today Polk announced that their latest UltraFocus Headphone line featuring the in-ear canal UltraFocus 6000 headphones in addition to the over-the-ear UltraFocus 8000 headphones are available. With an emphasis on not sacrificing quality sound for essential features found in current premium headphones like active noise cancellation or elimination of distortion on high volume levels, both the 6000 and 8000 promise to provide a comfortable and practical experience.

Polk’s UltraFocus line has an additional feature that will definitely set itself apart, with its Push-to-Hear Ambient Control. This unique integration provides passive noise isolation by muting the audio signal from your connected device and then amplifying the outside sounds for instantaneous access to the outside world, without the need to remove the headphones.

Appearing very stylish as well as functional, these sleek headphones are available now at $149.99 for the in-ear 6000 series and at $349.99 for the 8000 series which includes a three button remote for your iOS device of choice. Check out the images below.

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