G Style Father’s Day Giveaway 1 – Fanny Wang 3000 Series Headphones

That time is approaching and Sunday it will be Father’s Day. What do you plan on doing for your Father this year. Another tie, coffee mug, or some other traditional Father’s Day item. Well let’s G Style it up some, why not win a pair of these Fanny Wang 3000 Series headphones for him, so he can be styling why listening to some music.

The Fanny Wang 3000 Series is an over the ear headphone which also has noise canceling. These headphones are engineered to actively eliminate over 95% of ambient noise. You’ll be able to listen to your music in complete isolation. So he’ll finally have a pair of headphones to block out all the distractions, noises, nagging, and crying when he needs to enjoy a little of that me time!

These headphones, deliver deep bass and crisp accurate mid-tones right up to its clean higher frequencies. When it comes to looks they are available in Black, Navy, and White.

Okay so how to win these pair of headphones? Leave a comment below and tell us why your Father should get this pair of headphones. And if you are already a Father, leave a comment and let us know why you deserve these headphones. This could be something good you done for your family, a funny story related to Fatherhood. Share with us and we’ll pick the winner with the best comment! Also you MUST Like the Fanny Wang page on Facebook. If you leave a comment, but don’t Like the page and we pick you, we won’t be able to award you the prize. Good luck everyone, the winner will be picked on Friday morning!

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