Want to shoot a high quality picture or a picture you can instantly share? In the past, it wasn’t so easy to find a camera that did both. Well, Samsung seems to have solved that problem and you will no longer have to choose between a high quality camera and one that has instant sharing abilities. Samsung, one of the leading manufacturer of digital cameras, is expanding their NX family with the upcoming release of the NX Smart compact system cameras (CSC). Now you can have both at your fingertips.

There are three new Samsung NX Smart (CSC) cameras (which come for all photographic skill levels):

  1. The Samsung NX 1000, which is for entry level photographers ($699), comes with an all-purpose 20-50mm lens and external flash.  A great Smart camera for photogs who want to improve their skills. Share your photos instantly (via Wi-Fi) with the Smart Link Hot Key on top of the camera.
  2. The Samsung NX 210; which is more versatile and powerful ($899). With a nice all-metal premium-quality body finish for durability; this camera ensures no moments are missed with continuous shooting capabilities of up to eight frames per second.
  3. The Samsung NX 20 for Pro-grade performance; which comes with a 3.0 AMOLED display ($1099). the NX20 is for the professional-level photographer who doesnt want to lug a huge DSLR camera around. The quick shutter speed allows you to capture images at up to 1/8000 of a second.  It also boasts a convenient 3.0-inch swivel super AMOLED screen.

The new Samsung Longzoom and Point-and-Shoot (Wi-Fi) Smart Cameras:

  1. Take a lot of self-portraits? The 16MP Samsung DV300F ($199) has dual LCD displays. With the 1.5” front LCD screen there will be no more guessing if you got everything and everyone when taking the picture yourself. This small camera is packed with features such as Funny Face which allows you to warp your faces (similar to Mac OS Photobooth effects).
  2. The Samsung ST200F($199), has 16MP CCD sensor and 10X zoom and is Wi-Fi ready. It comes in black, purple and silver.
  3. The Samsung WB150F($229) has 14MP CCD sensor and a Schneider-Kreuznach wide-angled lens for 18x optical zoom/24x smart zoom.  You can capture high-resolution images of up to 4220 x 3240. It is of course Wi-Fi ready. It is available in black or white.
  4. The Samsung WB850F($379) has a 16MP BSI CMOS sensor for bright and clear images. It has a Schneider-Kreuznach lens for up to 21x optical zoom. Dual Capture Mode allows for both filming and photo capturing simultaneously.
  5. The Samsung SH100($179) is more of your regular point and shoot. It has 14MP CCD sensor and a 26mm Samsung Lens for 5x optical zoom.  Available in black, red, or silver this easy to use point and shoot is also Wi-Fi ready for instant sharing. It comes with Smart Touch 3.0 for easy menu navigation and feature control.

With built in Wi-Fi and zoom from 10x to 21x; sharing high quality images has gotten a lot easier. The cameras can connect to wireless networks without any cards or devices (they act as their own access points). All cameras come with kits (including flash).

Quality and Ease

These Smart cameras come with the smart panel which makes navigating through menus a breeze with no complicated options. With a mini browser installed (which allows you to connect to Wi-Fi by accepting terms and conditions) sharing important moments or job assignments can now be done instantly. You also won’t have to fear missing any moments with up to 1/8000 shutter speed. Along with a 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor, you’re bound to get stunning images that are as good as or better than most DSLR’s. You can also record in full HD. These cameras are also compatible with Samsung’s unique i-Function 2.0 system. The i-Function system allows you to control camera settings such as shutter speed, and aperture, white balance, ISO, digital crop and zoom with the lens. Create spectacular images with ease!

Another feature is the ability to control the camera from your smartphone and/or tablet. The Remote Viewfinder app (on Google Play), which is found on the camera’s Wi-Fi menu allows you to preview images adjust zoom and flash and trigger the shutter from up to thirty feet away. No longer will you have to set up a timer to get in the picture. With Samsung’s MobileLink app, transfer and display images on Samsung smartphones, tablets, and Smart TV’s. Backing up files to your PC is also a breeze with PC Backup –no cables needed.

Innovative and Fun

The experience becomes a lot more fun with Magic Frame and Photo Filter. Offering a unique flair to your photos, it’s a quick and easy way to edit them. These cameras are packed with features such as Funny Face which allows you to warp your faces (similar to Mac OS Photobooth effects).  Landscapes and entire scenes can be captured with Panorama and 3D Panorma features.


I think this line of Samsung’s interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras will become very popular.  With a camera for every type of photographer out there, this line will be the option for consumers who have been settling for smartphone photography for instant sharing and those who want quality in smaller but efficient packaging than huge DSLRs.  From the longzoom wi-fi (smart) cameras I loved the Samsung DV300F (in red of course!). I didnt realize how useful a front-display LCD panel could be until I got the chance to take pictures with the legendary MLB pitcher John Franco. I got a couple of good shots thanks to that front-view LCD.

From the NX smart camera line-up I mostly enjoyed the NX1000. This is their entry level NX camera that will be going up against the NEX-F3, Nikon J1, and Olympus E-PM1. It features a lot of quality without the heavy-duty intimidating DSLR body. It was easy to use and the panoramic shots came out beautifully. As someone who only enjoys photography at a casual level, I found the camera to be very easy to maneuver and navigate. The girly part of me got really excited when I found out it’s available in baby pink.  I have always opted for instant sharing capabilities (smartphone/tablet photography). Getting great pictures with the DV300F and NX1000 and being able to share them instantly is definitely a plus!  How do you think the NX camera line-up compares to the Sony NEX, Nikon 1, and Olympus PEN series? I have never used the any of them, but I can’t wait to hear G Style’s camera guru Samuel Huang compare and contrast all the mirrorless systems out there.

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