Dad’s day is coming up and, wait, wasn’t it just Mother’s Day? If you’re lucky enough to have a father who likes gadgets you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect gift. Whether your dad’s into personal computing devices or he’s more of an kind of guy we’ve got some great gifts to suggest for every budget and style.

Nest Thermostat: We’re going to go out on a limb here…your dad’s always hot, cold or somewhere on the spectrum of “Generally Uncomfortable.” The Nest Thermostat is a new breed of intuitive climate control and it’s Stark Trek advanced. The whole system will set you back upwards of $2500 but it’ll save your dad a bundle over time in energy savings – contact an AC installer in his area. Nest even learns your dad’s temperature preferences and automatically adjusts at certain times of day.

Whiskey Stones: Okay, these aren’t electronic and they don’t have batteries but they’re undeniably cool. Literally. You can find these little guys at your local Sharper Image store and most beer retailers – they look like smooth, square stones but after a short trip in the freezer become ice cubes for a decidedly un-watered down whiskey drink. Neat.

Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Headphones: Whether your dad’s more of the watch-old-Neil-Young-concerts-via-YouTube kind of guy or he mows the lawn religiously he could use a really great set of headphones. Retailing for $349, the Bose Quiet Comfort 3 blocks out excess noise and provides superior sound quality when being used for listening. These are some manly headphones if we’ve ever seen them.
Wireless BBQ Thermometer: What is it with dads liking to take the temperature of things? Red Envelope has the grillmaster’s dream meat thermometer on sale for $49.99 and it lives up to the hype. Measuring temperature, moisture content and degree of doneness this wireless gadget stands by your grill and actually talks out loud. Really, how cool is that?

Craftsman Air Compressor: Craftsman’s out with a new horizontal 3-gallon air compressor that’s perfect for the home handyman. It’s lightweight and great for everything from a nail gun to a pressure washing attachment and it’ll store easily in the garage. The best part? It retails for less than a hundred bucks at Sears.

Senso Glove: Is your dad a golfer? Let’s be real…whose dad isn’t? The Senso Glove is an electronic golf glove (it only comes in white) that provides real time feedback on everything from dad’s swing to his grip. If he’s aiming to be more than just a weekend duffer this is the kind of gift that’ll give him confidence. It retails for around $100 and if it doesn’t help his golf game it will at least make him the talk of the course.

Give dad a reason to glad he had such thoughtful, sensitive kids. The Father’s Day gadgets of 2012 are cooler, sleeker and more useful than ever before. Electronics can be fun or intimidating, depending on who they’re gifted to; encourage your dad’s inner geek with some of the hottest gifts for Father’s Day.

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