Swizzy returns accompanied by A$AP Rocky solidifyin’ that Harlem BX connect with the appropriately entitled track “Street Knock” from the his upcoming “Limitless” mixtape because that’s exactly what it does…knock. Opening the music video directed by Taj_TPK is Swizz burin’ up the NYC streets in the Lotus with the city that never sleeps beaming on the orange four-wheeled epitome of speed treatin’ the FDR like its own Autobahn. The video rides along with the track through the performance shots as well as the Lotus. The video doesn’t go without one of, I must admit good to see the NBA crossover icon A.I. Allen Iverson displaying that he’s still nice with the handle. So to keep it classic Swizz Beatz is rockin’“The Answer” Reebok sneakers around his neck. The scenes kept the energy focused spotlighting the essence of the track. The joint was just “So Raspy” so what would Swizzy be without a cameo from Jadakiss “Got d)*%t!” lol

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