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Time Warner Cable HBO Go streaming is now available on Xbox 360, Samsung and Roku

 It took some time but Time Warner Cable (and Bright House Networks) has finally enabled access to HBO Go on the XBOX 360, Samsung and Roku devices. Originally HBO Go was released on the XBOX 360 back in the end of March and TWC subscribers were left hanging in the wind with no access for play. I’m actually surprised how it’s been done in a timely fashion seeing as just getting HBO Go on mobile devices for Time Warner Cable took almost a half a year to do.

HBO Go is one of the best “TV Everywhere” apps out there since you basically get access to their large library of movies and access to EVERY episode of every season of every show they have created. I thought it was cool to have it on my Android devices but it will be a pleasure to watch Game of Thrones and True Blood in HD pleasure on my TV.

Also announced this week, Time Warner Cable and Viacom have come to agreement with their TV Everywhere dispute as Viacom pulled their programming such as MTV, Comedy Central, and other channels back in the Summer of 2010. So in the upcoming weeks we will start to see their programming return to TWCTV app for iOS and Android devices.
Now if we can just ESPN working for Time Warner Cable on XBOX 360.





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