Musubo, a name that I’m not really too familiar with, sent over one of their new iPhone 4/4S cases to me, the Eden. This is one of their new 2012 models and was recently shown off at this year’s International CTIA Wireless 2012 show. Musubo is a company that focuses on both style and function and tries to seamlessly merge them into a beautifully designed case. Like I said above, I was sent the Eden case, which as you can tell is modeled after a plant which is supposed to symbolize peace and tranquility. I will say that it is a very beautiful design and very smartly designed once you get to examine it in your hands.


One of the first things that really caught my attention about Musubo and the Eden case was the expensive looking packaging it came in. Unlike most packages I’ve seen lately that are mostly made out of paper and very thin bubble packaging, the Eden came in a rather thick plastic shell case wrapped in a rather large black silicon band. It’s very nice looking and really gives the whole package a feeling of quality and durability. It’s almost like Musubo wanted to make a really good protective case, for the case.





The Eden is made of polycarbonate plastic, which is what most really strong hard cases are made from, and coated in a glossy white finish. When you first see this thing, you’d think that the Eden was a 1-piece case, but it’s not. It’s actually made of 2 separate pieces that combine together. The inner “colored” piece is actually a separate piece made of soft silicone rubber and helps cushion the iPhone when dropped. It also keeps the back glass portion of the iPhone from touching the plastic portion of the case, which also keeps it from accidental scratches.

The Eden is not a slim fit case. It will add maybe 3-4mm to the thickness of your phone so for those who want to remain “thin” this might now be the case for you. However, the added thickness isn’t really noticeable in your hands. It also doesn’t completely protect the front of the case as the top and bottom edges are exposed so dropping it here could possible cause some damage to your phone. It does however have raised corners which helps keeps the screen from touching the surface if placed face down. I also like how the front edges of the case do not touch the front screen, which helps if you have a screen protector on. Sometimes when the edges touch the screen, it causes the screen protector to bubble up a bit on the edges. This one doesn’t do that which is a big plus.

Like with most of Musubo’s other cases, the Eden also includes a bonus folding video stand which I’ve never seen come with an iPhone case before. Usually I’ll see them built in as part of the case design but I’ve never seen one come with a case separately. The stand actually isn’t that bad, considering it’s a freebie that is thrown in and it’s a nice little bonus.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Musubo did a great job designing the Eden. The case feels like it is very capable of protecting your iPhone while still looking quite fashionable. I like the generous amount of silicon used on the rear to help pad the iPhone but I’m also not really that happy that in doing so, it does make the iPhone much thicker. This is a very pretty case though I think it would appeal more to women than men, mainly based on the design and the wide range of colors it comes in. Still though, if you are looking for something different and eye catching, the Eden is definitely that and one of the more fashionable cases I’ve reviewed in a while.

You can purchase the Musubo Eden now for $34.99 which is a good price considering it also comes with a screen protector and a bonus folding video stand for your iPhone.

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