Within the past year Time Warner Cable has been trying to bridge the gap between your cable services and your everyday technology usage. You even see it in their “Enjoy Better” marketing they have been doing the past few months. They’ve been bringing you interactive features thru your iOS and Android devices but Android has been a little behind as their OS market has been pretty fragmented. If you check out a prior article I did back in december, TWC released a DVR manager but it didnt give you LIVE TV as the iOS devices had the ability to do. They stated until Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) came out, they would release it. Well that time has come and it’s not all good news.

So just like the iOS devices you have access to hundreds of channels of cable as long as its in your current package. Also you have to make sure your within your home network, otherwise you will not get access. Testing it out on a HP TouchPad and HTC One S was able to get some good streaming with not much buffering. One thing that can get annoying is the volume. Just like on TV some channels are louder or lower then ours which can be unbearable. You can still do other things as far as look at the guide, set your DVR programming and channel changing.

As you may not know, Time Warner Cable doesn’t support rooted nor jailbroken devices. It’s all because of security reasons supposedly, but I say it does hurt some that need their devices rooted (such as my HP TouchPad which originally was a WebOS device). Apparently there are ways to bypass this if you do enough searching, it’s possible. Hopefully these restrictions are lifted but I doubt it.

Overally TWC TV for Android is a great addition to have for TV viewing (if you can use it). It gives you the ability to enjoy your programming anywhere in your household without restrictions.

TWC TV is available now in the Google Play Store and works only with Android 4.0(ICS) devices


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