Oh joy! Today I received the package that Holdfast sent me. If you’ve never heard of Holdfast, I suggest reading about them here. Basically the company is run by a photographer named Matthew Swaggart and he has made it the mission of his company to bring fashionable accessories back to the world of photography equipment. All of the gear he offers is made of natural materials like leather, canvas, and suede.

I’m not going to quite sow you yet what they sent to me, but I will show you the care and attention to detail Holdfast puts in to even the packaging of their products. I was pleasantly surprised by how Mr. Swaggart fills his packages with. Unlike more modern companies that use materials like packaging peanuts or those plastic “air” bags, Holdfast packages are filled with wood shavings similar to what you’d see after sharpening a pencil, but without the lead. It’s actually quite beautiful and goes perfectly with the whole theme of his company. They also seem to do a great job of cushioning what’s inside the box.

After the initial wonderment I found from the wood shavings, I was then greeted with two mystery items wrapped in brown paper and tied with strips of leather. Again, Holdfast seems to make it a point not to use any kind of synthetic materials like plastic wrap and in all honesty, I find this to be really awesome way to wrap up their products. Even the cards that are attached to each item are works of art. In fact, I didn’t even want to open them up because of how cool the packaging was.

I did eventually open up each item and I must say that I’m very impressed with what I see, but that will have to wait for another post when I look at each item more closely. In the meantime, check out the Holdfast website for all their products.

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