Last week I checked out the Dodge Durango R/T, and it came in bright no blending in red lol. The Durango had a very aggressive look about it when you approached from the front and I could tell I was in for a great ride. This would be the first big SUV I’ve actually been in since owning one a couple years back. When gas price starting inching north of $4.50 I bid goodbye to the big trucks. So how was the ride for this aggressive beast?


The Dodge Durango R/T is a nice looking SUV. While Red definitely wouldn’t have been my first choice, it does stand out in a crowd. When I approached it from the front, it definitely has an aggressive stance which I like. That Dodge grill and lower fog light area adds to the front of this vehicle. I wasn’t really a fan of the Durango with its look of previous years, but the 2012 model definitely has a more modern feel to it.

On the inside the look was very clean, sharing a lot of the design cues I especially liked in the Dodge Journey SXT I reviewed last month. The inside is comfortable with seating for 7. The Durango to me is a beast, but it only looks like one from the outside, and when in motion. On the inside it is calm and cool.


The tech is what is especially driving me to the Dodge brand as of late. This is also what has me excited to check out the upcoming Dodge Dart. Just like with the Journey they tech in the Durango is awesome. Being able to talk and streaming my music from my smartphone to the car via Bluetooth is here. This feature should be standard, but you be surprise how many cars don’t have both features. Not the Durango though, Bluetooth tech is in the bag!

Beyond the Bluetooth part, there was also included Navigation in its Uconnect media center, along with a hard drive to store music and pictures. It also has the rocker button on the back of the steering wheel for volume and music control. Love this feature especially when combine with the Bluetooth aspect of streaming my music from my phone. Also always a plus was the keyless entry and remote starter. All in all I was happy with the tech in the Dodge Durango.


The Dodge Durango R/T was a great SUV to drive. With its 360 HP 5.7L HEMI V8 with Fuel Saver Technology engine, it delivers that power. I love when I remote started the car and that engine came to life, felt like a beast awakening! With the keyless entry, it was always a joy being able to just walk up to the car place my hand on the door handle and having all the doors unlock. It is the little things like that which add to the experience.

Once in the the ride is smooth for the most part. Being that it is a bigger SUV, of course there is some roller coaster up and down moments when we hit bumps or potholes. It wasn’t too crazy where I was thrown out of my seat, but it was definitely a amusement park feeling lol. On the entertainment side, there was all the comforts. I was able to play my music easily via my phone (Spotify always on deck!), I could watch a movie, and the sound was awesome. I had the chance to actually test the sound out when I visited a Drive In movie theater in Poughkeepsie, NY. I had to turn to station 87.9 while in the theater to hear the sound. I seen both Wrath of the Titans, and Hunger Games that night, and the sound was excellent. I definitely had that movie theater sound that night!

Wrap Up

The Dodge Durango R/T was fun to drive, and opened my heart up to big SUVs again. I’m still keep my eye out on gas prices, so while I love the ride of this Durango, I’m not sure I would purchase it yet. But if you are the SUV type, I would definitely say check out the Dodge Durango R/T. It’s aggressive, a beast, and looks good while tearing down the streets!

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