If you are on either iOS or Android, you have most likely played the popular “Draw Something” game. If for some crazy unexplainable reason you haven’t, you’ve probably seen others that have. I was one of those people at one point had no idea about the game and frankly thought it was silly. After a while, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to check it out since everyone I knew was playing it. Oh how I wish I hadn’t.

Draw Something is probably one of the most fun casual social game apps I have played in recent memory. Anyone can pick it up and play it. You basically have to “draw something” and your friend has to guess what that “something” is. You begin each round with the option of selecting three words to create (from easy to hard). The harder the word, the more coins you get. Coins are good for buying more colors, which you’ll want to do as you start off with only some basic colors. You can also use coins to buy more bombs to help you guess words. Coins are gained when you guess the correct word as well as when your opponent guesses the word you created.

You can sign up through either your email or through your Facebook account. I suggest using FB since you can connect with your friends right away. I say the more games you have going the better this will help you get coins faster and also keep you occupied until the next person goes. I also prefer to play it on my tablet then my smartphone since it is much easier to play the game on a larger screen.

There are a couple things Draw Something needs to keep it going in the right path. That would be more words (which they seem to advertise if you get the full version), push notifications (which it has on the iOS version), and possibly a chat feature. These are probably my biggest gripe. These and people spelling out the words, I mean whats the points? Its Draw Something, not say something. Hint is cool, answers are horrible.

Draw Something is a great time killer and I can possibly see it being incorporated into alot more things as Zynga recently bought them from OMGPOP for $180 Million. I just need to add more to it quick.

Draw Something is available for iOS and Android devices.


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