In 2012, the world is going down the drain, fast…

Reams of alien ships have crashed into our planet, and these big wads of diseased, planet-eating, phlegm are spawning hordes of insanely vicious killers!

The dangerous and degenerate creatures from outer space we call FREAKS seek to eradicate the human species with single-minded fury.

You’re a survivor; a winner…humanity’s only freaking hope! Those raunchy aliens missed their chance to put you and your buddies down. And now you’re going to make them regret it…one slimy alien body-part at a time!
Immerse yourself in this psychotic, arcade-style, 4-player co-op shooter; and just try and keep your head…

Key Features

A Revolutionary FPS: The new controller provides a new take on the FPS genre. Touch screen menus, innovative visualization modes and a whole new interface will provide new opportunities to enjoy your daily FPS fix.

Invasion From Outer Space: The world’s biggest cities have been overrun by hordes of alien FREAKS. What’s left of the population is now quarantined within the walls of London, Manhattan, Rio…with little more than a prayer—and any nasty weapons you can steal or scrape together for yourself… If you want to survive, you’re going to have to stalk these vicious FREAKS across half the planet…and spill their guts into the seas. Kill them all!

Addictive Arcade-Style Co-op Action Shooter: You and your buddies will team up to kick some FREAK butt. Play with and challenge your friends in monstrous ‘jump-in-and-out-anytime’ multiplayer modes.

RED = Real time Enemy Director: A devastatingly fun multiplayer mode where one player takes over the role of game master, while two others fight for survival. With RED, spawn enemies and control other game parameters in real time via a top-view mode on the new controller screen.

Horror Comedy Attitude: Outrageous, Psychotic, Gory… Indulge in the 1001 ways to wipe out a FREAK! Dozens of weapons from a nasty razor blade to explosive alien tech! A game that only takes its FUN seriously….Addictive gameplay and guilty pleasure for B-Movie, dark-comedy and shooter fans alike.

Huge Variety of Ferocious Bosses: From slimy and small, to grotesque and gargantuan, the FREAKS come in all shapes and sizes, mutate at will and will freak you out!

Exclusively on: Wii U
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Release Date: TBA

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