The highly anticipated sequel to it’s smash hit predecessor, Angry Birds Space released a few days ago and already had well over 10 million downloads, and with good reason. This game is simply fun and addictive. Angry Birds Space doesn’t try to do too much to alter the formula that has been proven to work so well, but rather blends new and interesting elements into it’s core game play. The birds have made landed in space and now they are trying to knock off entire pig planets. Elements like the gravitational pull of a planet come into play now. No, you are not required to have a degree in physics to play, but you have to give some of your releases a little more consideration so that they rotate correctly.

The satisfaction from a perfect pull taking out three or more pigs is as strong as ever though and you’ll have even more birds to make use of. Some birds explode, others split when you touch them like in the previous games. Your able to track the course of the birds before release to aim their course just the way you want, but this doesn’t make the game too easy. Instead, the creative level designs and new features strike a nice balance between being challenging and fun at the same time. Currently available for free on iOS and Android, you can also pay 1.99 for the ad-free version. We strongly recommend this game for anyone.

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