The game that iOS(iPhone, iPad, iPod) users have been talking about for eons has been finally been released for Android. Its original iOS release was back in mid August 2011 and started off slow and has now leaped into being one of their biggest game apps ever. This left millions of Android users clamoring to get a taste of it. We have seen so many false releases to even virus spread apps pretending to it. Well now you can get a taste of it.

The game is itself is pretty simple. Your a adventurer, you stole a artifact and have evil monkeys chasing you trying to kill you. While doing so there are multiple obstacles in your path. You might have to jump over a tree which you can do by flinging your finger forward or fling it back to slide under. You can move side to side either by tilting your phone or swiping left to right. And while doing this you still have monkeys chasing you and you can even collect coins along the way.

Temple Run also has a store which you can go to if you want to buy more coins. With these coins you can purchase power-ups to enhance your character, utilities to change the game itself, or you can even buy different characters if your tired of looking at the Indiana Jones lookalike.

So far I find it a fun game, maybe I have to get into it a little more. I have tested it on my HTC Sensation and haven’t received any slowdown. Also on my HP TouchPad running ICS. Smooth sailing so far.

Temple Run is free and currently in the Android PlayStore which you can select HERE

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