Pharoahe Monch and Jill Scott’s “Still Standing” from the album “W.A.R.” can stand on its own on a subject not too often discussed by a MC let alone any genre of music for that matter. The song itself with a video paints a picture of what Monch dealt with as a kid and still in his adult life with asthma. Just when I thought “Still Standing” song couldn’t get anymore powerful the music video takes it to another level on a different setting. Terence Nance directed the video and did a great job in capturing the essence of the 70’s and song as a kid and in the studio. “Still Standing” video like the song depicts there are many obstacles in life you have to conquer but no matter how many times you get knocked down you have to get up. It no doubtedly builds character and perseverence in which Pharoahe displays through this song and video. Jill Scott plays her role as a beautiful and radiant concerned friend along with as always singing with conviction as if it she were performing live. A very inspirational song, a very inspirational video.

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