Tired of sharing the TV? Stuck on the couch? No room for a TV in the bedroom?

Time Warner Cable is providing you with more options beyond your smartphones and tablets by bringing streaming cable services to your PC and Mac browsers with TWCTV(currently in beta).

TWCTV gives you the ability to watch up to 160 channels of cable programming. As long as you are subscribed to those particular channels to begin with. You have the choice to watch it through the main window, full screen or a popup window can be opened up for viewing also.

The site brings along most features you would get if using the apps on your iOS and Android devices or been on the TWC Myservices portion of their site.

Interactive Program Guide (IPG) – a complete IPG experience, with seven days of program listings including full program descriptions.

Remote Control of STB –the ability to use a PC/Mac as a set-top box remote control, choosing a program from the grid guide and tuning the MDN/ODN STB to the selected channel.

DVR Manager – the ability to remotely program MDN or ODN DVRs with capabilities similar to the current web & mobile DVR Manager product.

Live Video – the ability to play live video directly on the device from anywhere within the home while connected to a modem provided by TWC.

Search – the ability to search for content based on title of program and title of episode.

Closed Captioning – the ability to view closed captioning.

Parental Controls – the ability to set limits on what content can be viewed on the device. Parental Controls are activated via MyServices.

I have tried out the various features and it works good for a “beta” so far. I would like to see more channels in the future. Hopefully TWC adds more content and also finally gets streaming to Android devices even though its waiting on ICS thats been released already. As far as performance, haven’t had any crashes. There has been a lag at times loading, but then the stream has been seamless over wired and wireless. It would be nice to be able to watch this beyond your home network but I guess its better then nothing.

You can check out TWCTV at www.TWCTV.com

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