As technology progresses, so do the devices in your home. Everyone seems to have a game system, laptop, smartphone, tablet and if there is more than one of you, it’s possible to have more than 1 of the same gadget. If your using wireless, which most likely you are, it can put a strain on your network/router. I have used many routers over the past couple of years (Netgears included) and I haven’t seen anything as impressive as the N900. The speed, the very easy setup, the style, and all the options it provides to you right out the box.

Installing the N900 is a painless task and should only take you a few minutes. There isn’t a CD so it can be easily done on a PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone since its basically done through your browser. The thing about the N900 is the setup only takes minutes. All you do is follow the simple instructions as far as connecting the router, then your modem. A couple clicks later your set. The N900 routers all come with a username and password so you don’t have to go through the task of creating one. Its one of the easiest and fastest setup of routers I have done in recent memory

The most important about the N900 is does it really work good? Testing it with a 50+ Mbps connection I would say it does. Wired I have constantly received a speed of 50+ Mbps and no disconnect thanks to the four gigabit ethernet ports on the device. As far as wired is concerned I have had speeds range between 15-30 Mbps. It was held up pretty good as far as dropped connections are concerned. I have tested it with multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, PS3 and received good speeds shared throughout. Compared to the range of the other Netgear models I have used it blows them away.

By packing in six atenntas this brings great range of Wifi, and pushing 900 Mbps between two signals 2.4 and 5.0ghz at 450 Mbps each, it makes this a powerhouse.

The N900 has a laundry list of features to suit just about any consumer networking feature. It has a interface called Netgear Genie which is a dashboard you can access from just about any browser, tablet, etc and monitor, control and repair your network. ReadyShare USB & Printer is great for sharing your USB hard drives and printers. Just connect said network to the N900 and networking streaming is possible. You have other things such as DLNA good for TVs & Game Systems such as the Playstation 3. Usage meters, power off timers and the good old Parental Controls that are Live are just of the great things you can do with this router.

For a router geared at consumers I think it was a array of features to make one happy. More then I have seen from others. So many that they may never to all of them. Providing great wireless speeds and wired without virtual any connection drops will be good for streaming and online gaming.

The Netgear N900(WNDR4500) is available now from most retailers for $179.99.

Where to Buy the Netgear 900

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