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Continuing with the Chevy Volt week, before we later have our full review, I thought I’d share a story about Valentine’s day and how the Chevy Volt helped me with that surprise mission. Since yesterday was Valentine’s day, what better way to take advantage of having the Chevy Volt than to take out the misses for the romantic holiday.

It started at 7:00 am, after the misses left to drop off our daughter at school and would then return home. I normally would be getting ready for work during this time, but instead was picking out my nice outfit to wear for the day. When I left the house at 9:00 am, the Chevy Volt which had been plugged into an outlet the night before, was fully charged and ready to go. I unplugged the car and headed off. Now since my plans didn’t call for me picking her up until around 11:30 am, I had some time to kill. So I drove on all electric power to an empty truck route where I was able to take some pictures and videos of the Chevy Volt. After I finished this around 9:45 am, I connected my phone to the car via Bluetooth, and voice dialed my father. Figured with some time to kill, I could show him the Volt and get his impressions. He clearly like the car, but both he and I agree, this is a suburban family automobile. If you live in the urban city you’ll mainly be using this vehicle on gas.

Chevrolet Volt - G Style Magazine - Auto Review Chevy Volt (BOSE Speakers)I wrapped up with my father around 10:00am and still had an hour and half to kill, so I head back to my home area listening to music which sounded beautifully on the premium BOSE speakers. When I arrived in my home area, I positioned the car just out of view but where I could see her leave. Since the Chevy Volt had a DVD player, I popped in a DVD and killed the time watching a movie while I waited.

The clock hit 11:30 am and it was time. I switched off the movie, and plugged in the 3.5mm cable from my phone into the AUX IN input on the Volt, and launched Spotify. I proceeded to roll down all the windows and play Usher – “There Goes My Baby”

(…Wait let me back up a little bit, the kicker here is that the misses thought she was coming down to my job to have lunch with me, so she was leaving at 11:30am to be downtown Manhattan by 12:30am. So when she was leaving the house, it wasn’t to have me pick her up, but to head to the bus stop on her way downtown…)

Chevrolet Volt - G Style Magazine - Auto Review Chevy Volt (Interior) I proceeded to roll the car towards her, she of course would not hear me pull up, as with the all electric motor, there was no engine noise so it was a quiet ride. As I slowly passed her, I shouted out “Hey do you need a lift?“. Her not knowing it was me at first, waved me off and said no thank you as she kept walking. Then she looked. I got out of the car, greeted her with a kiss, and then open the car door for her. She was presented with a dozen pretty pink roses, and she then took her seat in a nice leather pre-heated seat which the Chevy Volt has as well. Since it was sort of chilly, this was a added bonus. As we buckled up our seat belts (safety first), I opened the glove compartment and handed her a card and her gift.

As she was pleased with the card and her gift, we drove in enjoyed a day or activities that took us from the Bronx, to New Rochelle, to the Bronx again, and then Manhattan. It was a great day, and much success do to the coolness of the Chevy Volt!

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