What would Valentine’s Day be without love songs? Love comes in and is shown in many ways. You have relationships like Ike and Tina, Bonnie and Clyde, and Romeo and Juliet as I’m sure most of us can relate to one or all of these types. All that just goes to show that there is no one size fits all song when it comes to love songs. Keeping that thought in mind I’m sure there is at least one song on Ladies First, perfect for you.

On Valentine’s Day of 2011, Blaq Soul Entertainment Inc., artists Tony Hood, J. Wise, and Twan D. The Student collaborated with singer/songwriter Kevin Cossom to put us Ladies First and make sure that no matter what situation you find ourselves in romantically they hit you from that angle.

Personally, I think the entire CD is dope but I did find a few songs that I find myself replaying more than others.

Cocoa Butter Skin by Twan D. The Student feat Nino Freeman-The title is self explanatory. Definitely not a song I could listen to at work, because all I could keep envisioning was getting a full body cocoa butter oil massage and then …..

Jealous Addiction by J Wise-My favorite song on the album. Not only because it samples Cassie’s Addiction. But… have you ever been in a relationship and go above and beyond for a person and then they play you and all your bi-polar tendencies come full front and center ? Yea… me neither. But check the song out for an idea of what it feels like.

Talk 2 Me by Tony Hood ft Kyle DenMead-“Say she had a bad day/I told her take the week off” #NuffSaid. I’m not a materialistic girl but if a dude ever gave me that response to me when I tell him I had a bad day I’d propose like Chrissy on Love n Hip Hop.

The overall vibe of the CD is slow to mid-tempo and chill. You can play this entire CD over a romantic dinner while this plays in the background. Don’t get it twisted this is not a CD full of rap crooners begging for some Valentine’s Day loving or a compilation of same verse different track. This mixed tape has the polish of a major label distribution with the lyricism of most of today’s most notable emcees. Definitely worth the download (click image below). If you waited for the last minute to get your Love Day gift and you still have no clue what to get-Trust me this would be perfect. If you already did all your gift giving this would be a welcomed addition for tonight ;).

Click image to download mixed tape and enjoy your Valentine’s Day <3

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