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Chevy Volt - Chevrolet Volt - G Style Magazine
This week we go hands on with the Chevy Volt. As mentioned before, this year G Style Magazine has expanded into checking out stylish and cool cars. When it comes to green tech, we couldn’t be more happier to check out one we think is both stylish, cool, and fashionable than the Chevy Volt.

The Chevy Volt is plug-in hybrid vehicle in that it can operate using a electricity as well as gasoline. So when you take this bad body home at night, you can plug it into your outlet and charge it. When out on the road if that charge is gone while traveling, your car won’t just stop, but will then use gasoline to power a generator that keeps the electric charged and running.

But as this is G Style, we can’t wait to get a closer look at the fashion of this vehicle, as well as the experience we’ll have this week. So be sure to check in for our full review, as well as our micro thoughts on our Twitter account @gstylemagazine!