iHome, the maker of many consumer priced audio accessories (especially well known for iOS products), has really started to expand their headphone offerings in the past quarter (even partnered with Disney on a line). While the market of headphones is talking about over-ear models costing $200 plus, I’m glad to see iHome stay under the $50 mark. I lose headphones, doesn’t matter how much they cost, they get left at meetings, sound studios and Starbucks often. To have to replace an item at a $200 plus price point hurts the wallet and well it’s just annoying all round. That’s why when iHome sent me the SD63 Soundesign Retro-Style Hi-Fidelity Stereo Headphones, I was eager to try them out.

Most would not expect great quality sounds from over-ear headphones costing only $24.99, I on the other hand expect great quality out of anything I review, and iHome, didn’t let me down. SDI (Soundesign Innovations under iHome), in the 1970 and 80s, was a leading brand in stereo systems, boomboxes, clock radios and headphones. Now back on the scene, the company is still delivering great audio quality.

I especially like the retro look of this model. This is actually a relaunch of the SD63 headphones, it features extra plush ear cushions and headband, coiled cord, volume control. Earcups swivel for single-sided or freestyle monitoring. The sound control is actually on the ear cup, nice so you don’t have look on the cord for the usually very small volume control button. The audio sensitivity is 113db with the frequency response at 20hz – 20khz, which compares to many upper priced models on the market currently.

Works with all music players, includes 6.3mm stereo plug adapter. Overall, price is great and sound is great. The retro look makes it even better since retro is usually always in style.

These are definitely a worthwhile purchase and for the $24.99 prcie tag there is no reason NOT to get them. They are currently available for purchase online at https://www.ihomeaudio.com/SD63B.

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