One of the first things most people do when they purchase any type of electronics with a screen is to apply a screen protector to them. Most people do this to protect the finish on the screen and keep them from getting scratched up. This keep them protected from wear and tear and also keep the resale value up later if you do decide to sell them again. It’s not something that everyone does however as some people just don’t like the look and feel of screen protectors. I for one am not a huge fan of the crystal/super clear type of screen protectors because they just make the screen to much like a mirror and they always seem to not allow your fingers to slide smoothly across the screen if you have a touch screen. I’ve always been more of a matte screen type of guy as they help cut down on glare and the matte surface allows your fingers to slide more smoothly.

With that said, I was asked to check out MediaDevil’s new line of Easyscreen screen protectors for the iPad 2. If you’re not familiar with MediaDevil, they are a fairly new company here in the US although they have been in Europe for quite some time and some retailers on Amazon have been selling their products as well. The first thing you’ll notice about the Easyscreen Protector is the fact that they have a colored border around them, ten colors to be exact. Why the colored border? Well, according to MediaDevil, it helps hide dust that may get trapped underneath the  border during the installation process. I say that the colors help individualize your iPad 2 and adds a bit of customization and flare to it.

For those who have used screen protectors before, the Easyscreen also has 1 other difference, the adhesive portion is only located on the border of the protector. That means that there is zero adhesive on the screen portion. This might sound weird at first but in actuality, this helps to eliminate any chance of getting bubbles under the protector. As long as your install the protector completely flat and even, you won’t notice that it isn’t adhered to the screen.

In terms of visual clarity, the Easyscreen offers a clean, crisp view of the screen and the added benefits of a matte screen means no more glare and smoother sliding surface for your fingers. You also get reduced finger print smudges and an easier to clean screen as well as protection from scratches. The Easyscreen protector is one of the easiest to install thanks in part to the fact that you only need to worry about the border and any dust that might get trapped is hidden by the colored border itself.


  • 3 layer anti-glare protective screen shields against scratches, fingerprints and dust
  • Application takes seconds with no visible bubbles
  • Static cling adhesion leaves no residue on the viewable area of the screen
  • Retains optimal touchscreen sensitivity and feedback
  • Color border adds personalization and style
  • Choose from ten color options: white, black, silver, red, blue, pink, green, orange, yellow, and purple
The MediaDevil Easyscreen is available now on their site or Amazon for around $25.00.


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