A company best known for some of the best screen protectors on the market which is their invisibleSHIELD line has ventured into the music headset industry too. They have a couple lines of equipment already out, but I was pretty impressed by this line which is dubbed their “Acoustic Series”.

First thing you will notice is the eye catching wood design. Just from seeing it you may think its heavy, but its suprisingly light. As of now the housing is in ebony and dark bamboo coloring. If you know wood can help produce a deep rich sound you see wood being applied for guitars too. The leather cup cushions feel good on the ear and didnt feel any pressure or discomfort.

Combine these all together and you have great sound, style and comfort meshed together. The Zagg Audio Acoustic Series is set to release this second quarter this year. Look to bring more info and a in-depth review when they release.


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