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V-MODA Crossfade M-80 – Big Sound in a Small Package [CES 2012]

Yesterday I had the pleasure to have some private time with V-MODA in their luxurious suite in the Venetian. They took the time to show me their Crossfade M-80 on-ear noise isolating Metal headphones. Now this isn’t the first time we have reviewed a pair of V-MODA products, they have a couple of articles as their brand both sounds and looks good.

The Crossfade M-80 is no exception to this rule. They are like a smaller version of the Crossfade LPs, and though they are scaled down, this doesn’t applied to the sound quality. The Crossfade M-80 sound great. I had the chance to listen to some selected tracks for demo and the sound was crisp, and clean. The bass on these these thumped without any hiss, distortion, or wobble. The bass was strong and powerful, just the way I like it. I really can’t wait to do a full review and give them a extended use period to see how that sound feels.

The second thing about the Crossfade M-80 that really caught my attention was the ability to change the metal shields on your headphones. This allows each owner of these headphones to have a unique pair of these, and not look like everyone else. You can choose the type of plate you want and even upload your own image to use.

Overall these headphones look and sound very promising and we can wait to do a full review on them. So stay on the look out for that review. We’ll dive into some of the reasons these headphones look and sound the the way they do. Check out the gallery below and you see some shots of the machine that prints the images on the plates.

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