Vizio Looks to Enter the PC World With a Bang .. For Your Buck That Is! [CES 2012]

The International Consumer Electronics Show of 2012 is underway and a lot of rumors and myths are being confirmed and busted.

Introducing their line of laptops and desktop computers (two desktops and three laptops), Vizio wants to bring the excitement of the HDTV consumer experience to the world of personal computers.  Vizio is looking to disrupt in the PC World by premiering their sleek new laptops later in June of this year. Vizio is very well known for their affordable sleek-looking HDTV’s. They are looking to bring their sleek design to these PC’s as well.  These new laptops are similar to Apple’s MacBook Airs and their desktops to the Apple iMac.  They fall into the “Ultrabook” category even though they don’t want to refer to it as that.

There are no definitive specs yet. The screen sizes for the all-in-one desktop computers are 24” or 27” high resolution screens.  The ultra thin notebooks will have 14” and 15.6” screens and made of uni-body aluminum . Vizio’s Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae is offering a lot of bang for your buck with these PC’s “with a price that just doesn’t seem possible”.  They are looking for software to integrate use of their TV’s with their PCs and sound equipment.

What I am mostly looking forward too are PC’s that don’t come with trial software. There will be no unnecessary software installed.  I think that will make all the difference in consumers’ opinion and choosing of a new PC.  With most companies fleeing from netbooks, affordable ultrabooks could be the next big thing.  I for one can’t wait for the final specs! Vizio is a great company to get the move started.

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