As the time gets closer for the Sony’s Ps Vita to drop, they are a lot of mixed feeling towards the new handheld system. The question is, will this new handheld be worth the hype?


The Sony’s Ps Vita has a multi touch 5 inch OLED screen, with dual analog sticks, great for first person shooting games. The back has a rear multi touch pad gives you greater hand control while freeing up the brilliance of the front OLED screen.

The Vita has a motion sensor technology actively engage with the game like never before as you touch, you can tilt, and steer your PS Vita. It’s a great way to, engage with your characters, and utilize in game tools.


GPS is also available on your PS Vita, it allows you to connect and play with friends, Netflix will also be available on your Vita with a couple of other apps such as: Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Foursquare, Music player and the Web to name a few. Cross play allows you to play on the PS3 pause the game and pick up on PS Vita right where you left off. You can also join in multiplayer games on your PS Vita and play against players on their PS3 consoles. Front and rear facing cameras, Built-in stereo speakers, Built-in microphone.

You can choose between two different versions of the PS Vita, you have the Wi-Fi only and also the 3G/Wi-Fi, powered by AT&T’s Mobile Broadband Network. The first will cost $14.99 a month and limits you to 250MB of data.

The only other option is a $25 plan with a 2GB limit. Good news however, this will not lock you into a one year contract. This will be month to month plan and will allow you to play competitive multiplayer game sessions, and cross-game text messaging with your party.

Now the SD cards is what is starting an up roar with a lot of people, the 4GB will go for $19.99 not too bad now the 32GB is ranging up to $99.99 which I think is ridiculous.


Uncharted: Golden Abyss will be for the PS Vita, and I am looking forward to this, other games that will be ready during launch: Wipeout 2048, Michael Jackson The Experience, Super Stardust Delta, and Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3.

I’ve been looking forward to the Sony’s PS Vita to drop, touch screen, Wi-Fi capabilities Cross Play and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The only problem I am having with the PS Vita is the same problem everyone else is having, and that’s the SD cards paying $99.99 for a 32GB is ridiculous to me, I have found 32GB SD cards for $60.00.

I will tell you Sony sure does know how to get as much money out of us as they can, but will that make me think twice about getting the PS Vita…Not at all, it has me annoyed but I still pre-order mine. The question is will you be picking up the Sony’s PS Vita?

Release Date: February 22, 2012
Wi-Fi only: $249.99
3G/Wi-Fi: $299.99

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