Well we have arrived in Las Vegas and today is the official start of CES 2012. The team is all here with members of the entire G Style Magazine Family here. We have people from G Style Magazine and our newly launched sister site TechWeLike out on the show floors checking out what is stylish, trendy, fashionable, and all around cool.

Last night thought was a brief sneak peek with the Digital Experience held by Pepcom. I like to call it a scaled down CES with a small group of companies showing off there items. While there had to be some 50+ companies or more (I’m leaning toward more), a few caught my eye.

Right off the bat was NEST. I love these guys, I so want this product and I don’t even have a thermostat to use it with. Nest is a move evolved thermostat. Not only does it finally make thermostat cool (because let’s face no one walked into your home and says what a cool thermostat!), but it has this learning feature so once it has gotten use to you it changes the temperature for you.

We then checked out some Envy laptops from HP, and while I’ll be the first to admit that they look a lot like Macbook Pros; sometimes you just don’t want to make the jump to OS X. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good looking laptops. Windows users, check these out. It also comes with Beats Audio…

And last but not least, I got some face time with the Sony PSVITA!! *screams like a school girl at a Bieber sighting!*. I’ve been dying to have a look at it since I’ve seen this thing in pictures, and it is nice. I loaded up the Uncharted game for it, and wowww does this thing looks good. It looks like I was playing it on my PS3 with the resolution. I can’t wait to check this out once it comes out.

So that was our brief time at the Digital Experience. We are on the ground at CES and as your reading this, we are half way through the first day of CES and checking out more cool stuff. So keep it locked here for more!