Yes people is it that time again. Another CES, another year at the Tech Wonderland! This year TVs, Tablets, and Ultrabooks is suspected to overrun the show. But I’m just hoping that this 3D fad had died down, as I still stand by my “I don’t care about anything 3D” stance. And I’m also hoping reception on AT&T is much better than last year. This year I have the HTC Vivid, and I’m rocking AT&T LTE. Since Las Vegas is one of its current LTE markets and not a lot of people have LTE devices yet, I’m hoping for some good data speed while there.

So beyond reading posts on the site, here are some other ways you can interact with us while at CES 2012.

Our Flickr feed – We usually bring it out during this yea, but just have a look at the sidebar —-> way. We will have our Flickr feed there with live shots as we roam the CES halls and events.

Twitter – Be sure to follow @jasonlanderson, @jmillionnyc, @ninahollywood7 (From our sister site, and @missversatile (Also from TechWeLike). And of course right at our main Twitter account @gstylemagazine

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See you guys there!