As I’ve been telling people in this day and age, cable companies are trying to find anyway possible to stop customers from “cutting the cord” and dropping their cable services and just going straight broadband internet. Earlier this year Time Warner Cable released the TWCable TV iPad app for which could watch your TV subscription straight from your device in your household. It turned into a big hit and best part about that it was free. Android users felt left in the dark as their are tons of TWC subscribers that have Android devices. Well TWC is inching a little closer with the release of the TWC TV app for android devices.

Now TWC TV doesn’t give you tv viewing on your android tablet or smartphone yet but its being promised in 2012 once Ice Cream Sandwich aka Android OS 4.0 fully rolls out. In the mean time you can still do some cool things with this app. Depending on if your using Honeycomb or not, the interface can look and run slightly different. Starting out on Gingerbread you will get the layout pictured which gives you the options to hop into the Guide, Search, DVR, or Options.

It has a DVR manager which you can use to set all your DVR devices when not home. I heard it worked with certain models but I have a SA8300SD,SA8300HD, and SS3270 and they all work fine. Just like on your TV and online thru MyServices you can set by single show, series, and the usual options. I like how the Guide gives you details about the show just as it would on your set-top box.

By far the coolest option added is the ability to use your device as a remote control. All you do is select the show, click “watch” and instantly your cable box will switch to that program. I was actually surprised how fast it was. Seems faster to do this then use my actual remote.

Not a bad app for TWC to start out with and give android users some features that the iOS versions don’t.
I can’t wait until the day we will actually be able to view LIVE TV on these devices. ICS needs to fully release everywhere ASAP.

TWC TV for Android is free and available now in the Android Market.

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