After three weeks as the number one movie, Twilight’s Breaking Dawn was knocked down to the number three spot by New Year’s Day, and the number two movie of this past weekend, The Sitter. In the “Sitter”, Jonah Hill starring in his first live action movie plays Noah Griffith, a recently suspended college student who lives at home with his mother. When his mother is hooked up on a blind date by her best friend and her husband, she asks Noah to watch her friend’s children for a few hours. He agrees but soon finds out that these three kids may be a handful to watch over. He then gets a phone call from his supposed girlfriend who promises him sex in return for meeting her at a party and copping her some drugs on the way. Not a chance at letting this opportunity get away, Noah takes the three misfit kids with him on a wild and danger filled road trip in an attempt to get his girlfriend what she wants. Things take a terrible turn for the worst, and Noah and the kids are soon running for their lives from a psychopathic drug dealer who is bent on getting money that he feels Noah owes him.

This being Jonah Hill’s first movie where he is the main star, I had hoped that it would be a good, funny movie because I have always liked Hill’s co-starring work in other comedies. Now this movie may look like it can be enjoyed by the whole family, but make no mistake, it fully lives up to its “R” rating. From the opening scene, you get the feel that this movie is going to be obscene, vulgar, and outrageously funny. The three child actors, Max Records (Slater), Landry Bender (Blithe), and Kevin Hernandez (Rodrigo) all give outstanding performances as the kids who each suffer from self-esteem issues. One stand out character was that of the drug dealer played by Sam Rockwell. I felt his portrayal of the “out of control drug kingpin who just wanted to have some close friends” was hilarious. I think for his first time out on his own, Jonah did pretty good in this comedy. He showed that he could carry a comedic role by himself, and not have to be paired up with another co-star to draw an audience. This movie may have also been the last time movie goers will see the familiar plump Hill, as he has recently shed many pounds for his role in the upcoming 21 Jump Street movie.

I gave this film 2 “kids” out of 4, as it was pretty funny and had me laughing out loud at certain parts. The acting was superb and the action was good as well. The movie was rated R for crude and sexual content, pervasive language, drug material and some violence. Its running time was 1 hour and 40mins. The screenplay was written by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. It was directed by David Gordon Green. The picture was produced by Michael De Luca Productions, Rough House Pictures, and distributed by 20th Century Fox Distribution.

Kids should come with a handbook – Ezo
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