Samsung has been a big name this year in tablets, laptops and mobile phones, now Samsung is trying their hands at media players, but will people see the 5 inch screen as a bonus or a failed attempt.

The Samsung Galaxy player has a 5-inch LCD screen, with the three capacitive soft buttons below it, MicroSD port hides behind a tiny plastic door, the headphone jack and Micro USB port are on the bottom. The right side gets Samsung’s standard power button and volume rocker combo, the left is bare, and the plastic white back features two stereo speakers, a the camera, and a flash. The 9.9mm-thick device is not as heavy as you may think, for the screen to be 5 inches it wasn’t uncomfortable for me to hold it.


Galaxy Player is running the last-generation 1GHz Hummingbird processor and 8GB of storage. Just enough to play a few videos and some music, but large collections will have to be loaded off of an SD card. The LCD screen has a resolution of 800 x 480, despite its massive size. Even though it’s crisp and clear, and a bit brighter than most, when viewing a picture up close the picture becomes blurry. The Galaxy Player ruins Gingerbread which allows you full access to the Android Market. A 3.2 MP rear camera is complimented by a VGA front camera.

The battery life is good when your just browsing the web or listing to music, but as soon as you watch a movie or play a game you see the battery life drop by half which means I have to carry the charger with me.

The sound when listing to music was great it also gives you a couple of options on how much bass you want you can pick from; Normal, Big Bass, Concert and Vocal to name a few, now if your anything like me I need the volume to be extremely high (I think I’m going deaf) I had the volume on 16 and it was too loud for me, the volume allows you to go up to 30, when I took the ear phones out the sound from the speakers at 30 was clear and loud, pretty impressive.


TouchWiz runs smooth just like any other gadget that has Gingerbread, but they were times when the device would freeze and send me straight back to the home screen, I don’t know if it was the Wi-Fi connection that was making it freeze but it only happen twice.

There are more than enough apps to choose from, Samsung of course has their own apps which allows you to customize your videos, pictures, and music apps, Samsung TV viewer sharing app if that wasn’t enough you also have the Android market so you still have apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Netflix, G-Mail and HBO on the go along with Swype keyboard.

Overall I like the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0, yes it’s big and people did think it was a phone, but the audio and video were good and to me the Galaxy player was like a mini tablet which is a bonus to me, I was able to do everything I could do on a regular tablet, write a review, Twitter, check Facebook, get on my gaming sites. The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is going for $240.00 you may think a 5 inch screen is too big but you can’t beat that price for a media player/mini tablet.