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G Style Astro Gaming Holiday Giveaway #2 *Closed*

And we are back again! Congrats to Robskii who won last week! Didn't win last, no worries this week could be your chance. If you want your chance to win a pair of Astro Gaming Saints Row 3 A40 headphones and the Saints Row 3 game on the console of your choice, this is what you need to do.

Leave a comment below and let us know what current game you own or play that these headphones would help improve your game on.

Also want a little background on the Astro Gaming A40 headphones, check them out on GDGT.com, as they are on their holiday gift guide list.They have an average rating of 5.0, impressive!

Good luck everyone!

***And the winner of this week's Astro Gaming Saints Row 3 A40 and game is The guy sitting next to you***

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  1. Currently playing BF3 with my 3yr old creative fata this wudl1ty headsets though they have served me well these past years i cant help myself but rage whenever i get stabbed in the back coz i cudnt hear footteps these headsets wud avoid those backstabs and avoid major damage to my keyboard and mouse hahaha!!!

  2. I would use to these to play Saints Row The Third. The sad thing is that my tritton headset broke the day before SR3 was released. I had to resorted to using my ipod’s ear buds. SR3 is a great game and my inferior headset is not doing the game justice. :D

  3. These astro a40 would help me improve alot. I currently play Mw3 for console and Bf3 for computer. I use the bluetooth for console and none for computer. These astro would def improve me alot.

  4. I’m playing Saints Row the Third and Battlefield 3 these days and both would benefit greatly from an audio upgrade!  DICE has always had amazing sound design in their games and Battlefield 3 is no exception.  Saints Row the Third is so over the top that every type of upgrade to the experience is a massive plus!

  5. I am currently playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Need for Speed: The Run. These headphones would emerse me in the game for hours, and block out the annoying siblings whining in the background.

  6. I’ve been playing a lot of Borderlands and Saints Row. No matter what, I needa hear who’s comin, and put them DOWN. The dinky crappy built in speakers on my TV just aren’t cutting it!

  7. Right now I’m playing the 3 big shooters; MW3, BF3 and Halo Reach. These headphones would help me in all 3 games.

    Thanks for the giveaway we all really appreciate it!

  8. I just got my first Xbox 360 and I would love these headphones to use with Halo Reach. I live in an apartment with paper thin walls and I know my neighbors must hate me. Lol.

  9. Right now im playing MW3 it would help me concentrate on hearing footsteps. due to a little brother who likes to talk and cheer me on while i play. 

  10. I am currently playing Battlefield 3 with speakers and no headphones. These headphones from Astro will definitely help improve game play as I will be able to tell exactly where my enemies are shooting and/or coming from.


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