You know whenever you have a group of people who are buying gifts for others, you will always have someone who says “What do you get for the person who has everything?”. I myself recently seen this questions asked of me on Twitter, and you know how I replied; Accessorize. If your person is someone who loves their tech and they have everything from a Sony PS3 to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and all in between, then what you do is accessorize their main gadgets. With Hulu+ you have a chance to accessorize a bunch of devices at once.

Now I’m not going to lie, I use to love Hulu something serious until they when pay and started charging people, then all the good stuff I could see anymore. But Hulu now offer gift cards for their Plus service that can be brought right at any Best Buy and Target locations. You can get a 3 month Hulu+ gift card for $23.97 and a 6 month one for $47.94.

But why would Hulu+ gift cards make a good stocking stuffer? Because you can play it on so many devices. So for the person who has everything, he or she literally has a ton of tech toys they can watch it on. For example, if they are a gamer and have an Sony PS3 or an Xbox 360, they can play it on there. Do they have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), your good to go. How about an Android phone? For the most part yes (though if you have an HTC Vivid like I do, there is no love yet for that device). Nintendo 3DS, yup! And then there are various TVs and other devices, plus their computer as well, they literally have their pick on what they want to use.

But let’s now leave it on a giveaway note, in the spirit of the holiday giveaway, we have two 3 month gift cards for you guys! You know the deal, leave a comment and enter to win to get your 3 month Hulu+ on! We’ll pic two winners on Monday!

*We totally didn’t get a chance to pick a winner for this. So sorry, but I winners are Jay B and Rose! Congrats and we’ll be emailing you on how you can get your prize!*

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