This is actually a great idea to throw off your nosey friends or kids. These come from 30 Watt and are called Prank Packs. They are gift boxes that are made to look like weird and useless items. What you do is you place the real gifts inside of the Prank Boxes, wrap it up, and then wait for them to be opened. Watch the receiver’s face as they stare at it and wonder WTF is this only to discover that the real gift is inside and they just got pranked.

There are 12 different Prank Packs available to purchase and each features an outrageous item that no one in their right mind would purchase. You can purchase each Prank Pack for $8.00 or pick up a bundle of 5 for $25. You can check them out on their website here.


Full-Color Printing
Creates illusion of really stupid product that you picked out

Generously Sized!
At 12″ x 9″ x 4″ (a little bigger than the yellow pages), Prank Packs can hold most any worthwhile gifts

Bright Yellow Flaps!
Provide “punch line” to your gift-giving presentation.

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