Good morning everyone! How was that Thanksgiving day? Hopefully you didn’t eat too much and today you are out and about looking for some cool deals on stuff. Did you camp out, break night, or work up extra early to find some deals? We hope you were successful, but if you left defeated we want to help you.

Starting at 12pm today, we will be doing our Where is Mr. G Style giveaways. We can a couple items to give away (including a phone) and if you can find us, you can win. It’s like a good old scavenger hunt except with the use of Technology. We will driving around and parking in place in the vehicle you see to your right? We will need check in via Foursquare on our G Style account. If you find us first you win. That simple. Look for the Lincoln MKX with the pair of G Style Astro Gaming A30 headphones in the windshield and you win. But you must be following us on Foursquare, so head to and follow now.

So let’s recap

Starts: 12:00pm
Where: Around New York City (good portion in Manhattan)
Follow Us:
How to Win: Find us when we checkin
What to look for: a Lincoln MKX with a pair of G Style edition Astro Gaming A30 headphones in the windshield

Good luck!