Without fail Apple is staying ahead of the curve yet again with the newer and faster Macbook Air. This updated 2011 model comes with a connectivity update with their Thunderbolt port and Apple’s newest OS, Lion. It is still just as lightweight and portable as the previous models. They made it even more sexy with the addition of the ambient light sensing backlit keyboard. With the use of Sandy Bridge processors the Macbook Air received a massive speed upgrade-especially useful if you’re a gamer. The Air is still the closest thing you will get from Apple that even resembles a netbook and It’s every bit as powerful as the much bigger Macbook Pro-However, it’s more portable and easier on the wallet. If the Air’s petite stature size doesn’t intimidate you this is definitely a 2fer-One for yourself and one for a loved one.


*Price: 11″ starting at $999, 13″ starting at $1299
*All-Flash Storage
*Multi-Touch Trackpad
*Long Lasting Battery
*Built-in Facetime Camera
*Ultrathin Unibody Aluminum
*Connectivity (Go wireless with WiFi or Bluetooth)