Immortals, was the number one movie this past weekend with over $32 million in ticket sells. The film is about a murderous king, named Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his Heraklion army who are savagely rampaging through Greece in a search for the long lost Bow of Epirus. King Hyperion wants to find this bow so that he can use it to release the imprisoned titans and overthrow the Gods of Olympus, and rule the world. Zeus, the father of all the gods, knows what Hyperion is up to and is not getting involved in the matters of mankind. Instead, Zeus is watching a young man by the name of Theseus, who he believes will become a hero and stop Hyperion from reaching his goal. Once Hyperion gets to the young warrior’s village, he kills Theseus’s mother in cold blood right before his eyes, and makes him a slave after he is subdued. Theseus vows to himself that he will one day get revenge for the murder of his beloved mother. He soon meets with an Oracle named Phaedra (Freida Pinto) who tells him that in her visions she sees him as the key to stopping Hyperion, but only if he doesn’t succumb to Hyperion’s request for him to join forces with him in taking over the world.

Theseus and the oracle, along with a handful of prisoners escape the confines of Hyperion’s army camp and set out to find the bow of Epirus before it can be found by Hyperion. Phaedra convinces Theseus that with the bow, he will be able get his revenge and also put an end to Hyperion’s bloodthirsty rampage. Meanwhile, Zeus is keeping an open eye on all the events that are transpiring, and has informed the other gods not to get involved. The gods believe that if Hyperion releases the titans, it will bring back a bloody war between them and titans, who were not easily captured the first time around, and this could be catastrophic to mankind, as well as the heavens itself.

This film was made by the same producers who made the movie 300. That film went on to become a classic and forever changed the way Greek Mythology movies would be filmed. It set the standard with its slow motion, blood splattering, cinematography and this movie was no different. This one did drag a little at times, but when the battle scenes started it was a sight to see. The special effects were outstanding, and the fight scenes were breath taking. What I also enjoyed about this film was that this one featured Gods aka immortals who came down to Earth to join in the battle. The battle scenes between the gods and the titans were well worth the wait. Unfortunately some of the rest of the movie was kind of boring, but it more than made up for it towards the end of the film.

Just like in the movie 300, there were no major stars in this film, except for Mickey Rourke, who did an exceptional job as the ruthless tyrant. The actors who played the gods, all looked like Abercrombie and Fitch models, except for Luke Evans, who plays Zeus in the movie. It was kind of funny to see these model type actors stand around looking pretty, until they finally went into battle in the climactic fight scene. I have always been a huge fan of Mythology type movies, and this one, although it was slow at first, ended with a bang. I gave this movie 2 stars out of 4. The story is not as good as 300, but it did have a couple of really good fight scenes. The film runs 1 hour and 50 mins. It’s rated R for sequences of strong bloody violence, and a scene of sexuality. It was directed by Tarsem Singh. The film was distributed by Relativity Media.

I created them, and they reward my love with defiance? – Zeus
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