A huge problem with capacitive touch screen technology these days is that if you live up north and where gloves to keep your hands warm during the winter months, your device is virtually useless. Without direct contact with your bare hands, you will not be able to use any of the touch functions on your device. this includes iPhones, iPads, and Android devices that use capacitive touch screen technology.

This isn’t the case anymore though as Etre has come out with the new FIVEPOINT glove line. Unlike their previous gloves that had the tips cut out, these gloves completely cover your hands and feature special contactwoven tips which transmit the electrical contacts from your finger tips to your device’s screen. This means that in the coldest of situations, your hands stay warm and comfy while still being able to use all the functions of your mobile device.

Five points about FIVEPOINT

  1. They’re compatible with all touchscreen devices.
    • Including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and the new iPod nano.
  2. They allow you to interact with all five points on each hand.
    • All ten finger and thumb tips are conductive, enabling any kind of input (including touch-typing on devices like the iPad).
  3. They enable precise input.
    • Since the whole of each finger and thumb tip is conductive, your touch always registers.
  4. They keep your hands warm.
    • They’re made from pure new wool, which means that they’re warm and soft (so they won’t scratch your devices).
  5. They’re made in the United Kingdom.
    • In sweater shops, not sweatshops.
Etre’s FIVEPOINT gloves are available in 3 fashionable colors – Oxford Blue with Pearl Grey tips, Rosemary with Pearl Grey tips, and Black with Charcoal tips. Each are made out of wool with a special mixed fiber at the tips. Available in 3 sizes, you can pick them up on Etre’s online webstore for about $64 US.
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