It goes without saying that I have been a long time Team SocialScope member. I can’t be too sure, but I would like to believe my story and actions on Twitter kicked up the whole SocialScope frenzy back when I was one of the first to use it on the Blackberry. We can check out my thoughts on the Blackberry version from the beginning here. I loved SocialScope and it was my primary Twitter app while on my Blackberry. SocialScope also integrates in Facebook and Foursquare, so after a point it was my default app for all those services. Then came the day when I left Blackberry and had to part with SocialScope.

But the day is coming my friends, SocialScope is coming for Android! Though I won’t put out any screenshots yet or talk about how the app works, I’ve been using their Alpha version and giving feedback and suggestions in hopes it makes a better app. But already they are on the right track.

It seems that will be opening it up a little more to get some more Alpha testers. So if you have an Android device, you can sign up now to try and get into the Alpha program. Trust me you want in on this! Team G Style fully supports and approves SocialScope and this is a top app you want on your device whether you are a Blackberry user or Android. So check the link below to try and sign up!

[Source: SocialScope]
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