How do you follow up with one of the best games of 2009 by Rocksteady Studios? With quite possibly “Game of the Year” for 2011. Batman:Arkham Asylum was one of the first and if not the best licensed game ever. You had a game that kept up with the comics, used actual voices you grew up with and loved from the animated batman series from the 90s. The “freeflow” fight system was simple and worked very well. You had access to tons of Batman’s weaponry. The game had stealth, takedowns, what more could you ask.

Step into Batman Arkham City which takes place a year after the events at the Asylum. Instead of being confined to the tight spots of the Asylum, you have the whole city to roam which can give you totally different outcomes then before. There Riddler games and side missions all over which can give you hours of extended gameplay. Also tie that into the ability to play as Catwoman(voucher is included with new copies) and it gets better. She has her own fight style and gadgetry which works good. I thought she originally be corny but its enjoyable to say the least.

The boss battles are crazier and bigger then ever. The one gripe I may have about this game is fighting so many henchmen with weapons can get crazy. You can knock it one person’s hand and the next will pick it up. This usually isn’t a big deal but when you have 10+ henchmen attacking you at once your bound to get shot.

The storyline I have to say is pretty interesting as it unfolds and the way it ends made my day as a fan of the Dark Knight. Once it was over I wanted to go right back into and complete the side missions which are endless. Add to the Challenge Maps, upcoming DLCs, and more content coming you will be playing this well into the new year.

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