GE has come out with a small and cute video recorder, it fits in one hand and is very light but with it being so small can it give great quality videos like some of its competitors.

The DV1 is pretty thick with 55.0 mm in width, 105.0 mm Height, and 20.1 mm in Length, not heavy as I thought it would by looking at it. It has a rugged and durable design. The front of the DV1 is red (They come in 5 different colors) the sides are sliver, on the right side you have the power button and SD card slot, on the left side you have the USB connector, to access the USB connector you push the little yellow button and the USB connector pops right out, also the USB port is located on the left side. The back is all black your screen is 2.5 inches, you have the home button and play button on the right side the middle has navigation circle with a red button to indicate the recording function, the menu and trash button are on the left.

If you want to select the Shooting you do so by pressing the right arrow until you reach the desired setting for lighting or water conditions such as Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Incandescent and Waterproof. The camera is also waterproof up to 16ft, Shockproof up to 5ft (I it didn’t chance it so I didn’t drop it from 5ft).
Recording is pretty simple, press the red button on the navigation circle to record, when your done recording just press the red button again. If you want to take a picture while recording, all you have to do is press the camera button, want to zoom in and out, just press the arrow up or down arrow. To see what you have recorder just press the play button to enter Playback Mode, press again to view thumbnails of your photos and videos.

Sharing your Pictures and Videos is pretty easy, when you connect the DV1 to your computer it automatically tells you to install Picasa software, don’t worry if you do not want to install Picasa you can still see and upload your videos and pictures with no problem.

The DV1 records in 1080p video, All in all, the video is good, but you shouldn’t expect it to compare with the more expensive Full HD camcorders on the market. The DV1 also snaps 5-megapixel still photos and can also snap 2-megapixel photos while recording. The pictures taken have the same quality as my smarthphone. I wasn’t too impressed with the sound, Indoors footage can get noisy but nothing out of the ordinary.

The GE DV1 is very cute, easy to tote around pocket sized video camera, I like fact that its easy and simple to use, the sound maybe not so great but what do you expect with a pocket video camera. For $129 It’s not so bad.

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