Finding the right case for your device can be a very intimate affair. Usually the case we use reflects our tastes and personality. That’s why often more times then not, some of us use multiple cases to reflect our differing moods. While this applies to smaller devices like mobile phones, we are now seeing it applied to much larger devices like Apple’s iPad line or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line. If you’ve been shopping around for an iPad 2 case, then you know that there are tons and tons of them available now, all with different styles and functions. You have leather folios, hard shell cases, wall- mountable cases, smart covers, tablet stands, etc. The list goes on and on. What there aren’t a lot of are cases that have multiple functions and features. Most cases only have specific functions so if you want to use for iPad for different things, you’ll most likely need to buy multiple cases. That won’t be necessary however if you get the new ModulR Case for the iPad 2.

Now, the ModulR iPad 2 case isn’t the first case I’ve seen that promises multiple use features. In fact, it was only just a few months ago that we reviewed Vogel’s RingO Tablet System which was also a multipurpose case. The difference here is that the ModulR case does things a bit differently from the RingO system. Like the RingO case, everything revolves around the hard shell case of the ModulR. The ModulR case looks like your typical hard shell iPad 2 case except fro the fact that it includes 4 protruding nubs at each corner. These nubs are at the center point of the ModulR system. Unlike the RingO case, the ModulR case is quite slim except for where the nubs are. This isn’t bad however as it does kind of prop up the case when laying it on it’s back which keeps the plastic surface from getting all scratched up. It does however keep the Smart Cover from being folded all the way back and flush but does not hinder the use of the Smart Cover as a stand.

All optional accessories are attached to the ModulR case via the nubs. You insert the nubs into the accessory holes and then slide the case into the locking position on the accessories. This makes for an easy way to attach and remove accessories quickly. If you’re worried about your iPad popping off the accessories, don’t. They snap in pretty tightly so you won’t have to worry about them accidentally falling off.

One of the most useful accessories of the ModulR system is the hand strap that is included with the base kit. This is one feature that I’ve seen with a few other cases before and it’s by far the most useful for one handed tablet use. This allows you to firmly grasp your iPad with the added security or knowing that you aren’t going to drop it. This is a problem you face when you use an iPad without a hand strap and one that I”m sure many have encountered. With the hand strap, you get a firmer grip on your tablet. The optional Shoulder Strap Pro also comes in handy as it includes the hand strap and a handy stylus holder. The should strap allows you to easily transport your iPad without the need to use a bag. This is very handy if you are trying to carry as little as possible with you.

The other two accessories I was able to look at for the ModulR system was the Car Headrest Strap and the Slim Wall Mount. While the Car Headrest Strap does what it’s supposed to do, it’s not quite as functional as the RingO one. The ModulR one doesn’t allow for fine tuning the viewing angles while it’s mounted to basically what you get is what you’re stuck with. It’s okay if the people sitting in the front sit at a reasonably vertical position but if they like to lean their seats back quite a bit, the viewing angle becomes a bit less than optimal. As for the wall mount, it is indeed slim. While not quite as elegant looking as the RingO, it feels a bit more stable and the iPad sits a bit more flush with the wall.

Overall, the ModulR system is a very complete, multi-feature case. It’s much slimmer than the RingO and the ModulR comes in 3 different colors to match your iPad. The Hand Strap and Shoulder Straps are something not seen with the RingO and in my opinion, end up being one of the more useful accessories in the system. The ModulR kits are much cheaper than the comparable Vogel RingO kits and are a much better buy in my opinion thanks in part to it’s less bulky design. In my opinion, it also looks a bit better too.

You can purchase the ModulR iPad 2 Case from their website here for $39.99. It includes the removable hand strap and is Smart Cover compatible. If you want to pick up the optional components, you can purchase them separately for between $14.99-$19.99. If you want to save some money and you know you will be purchasing more than 1 optional accessory, I suggest picking up the Anywhere Pack for $69.99 which includes the case and all optional accessories.