Ever since Grand Theft Auto IV ended and its side stories(The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony), the question was where was Grand Theft Auto V going to take us? Some spots rumored where Chicago, D.C, maybe out of the country and others, but the game everyone always talks about to this day is San Andreas. Looking at this trailer looks like we will be going to a virtual Los Angeles as indicated below with the sign Vinewood (Hollywood) and bringing us back to some of the elements regarding San Andreas.

The narrator of the video talks about moving there and wanting to be a dad like all the others. As it goes on you see bank robberies, car chases, on foot police chases. Looking like there is other activities like golf, working out, mountain climbing/hiking, jet skiing, and flying jets(finally?).

In the trailer you also see mutiple characters doing different things. Hopefully there will be opportunity to use different person and carry on various scenarios linking up with each other. It could lead up to a big storyline. I imagine in the upcoming weeks and months we will see how it unfolds and see trailers from different characters which is usually the style of the GTA games before they come out.

Keep your eyes peeled. Should be great…

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