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G Style 6th B-Day Giveaway – Powerbag Backpack *Closed*

And her we are, closing out the month celebrating out 6th year in operation. And for our last giveaway we want to send you guys packing with Power! Have you ever found yourself out and about with like 3 different gadgets, and then that moment comes where you see a battery low icon? What do you do? Go on a hunt for some place that might have an outlet you can use? Or just simply plug it into your bag and keep on going.

We’ll if your a G Style Magazine reader, we want you to be able to keep on going! That where the Powerbag comes in. This bag has an rechargeable battery inside. Where your gear needs charging, just plug it into one of the many connection adapters and get your power on!  The Powerbag Backpack has an iPhone/iPod connection adapter, as well as adapters for micro and mini USB. You can even bring your own USB cable if your uses a special connection head and plug that right into the battery.

So you know the drill. Leave a comment below and tell us what devices you would plug in with this bag on the go, winner will be picked on Monday morning! Good luck and we thank you guys old and new. Thanks for supporting us and keep on coming back!

***And the winner is Tracy_h81!***
Congrats and we will be in touch shortly to let you know how to claim your prize!

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  1. Where do I start? My laptop. My personal BlackBerry Bold 9900,  My work BlackBerry 9800. My wife’s BlackBerry Bold 9780. Both of my BlackBerry PlayBooks. My son’s iPod Touch and probably me when I’m feeling drained…

  2. This would be awesome to win! Being a mom with 2 kids and no car, we bike everywhere, usually with a backpack for whatever we purchase while out. So many times my BlackBerry isn’t charged when we leave the house, and often we also have a PlayBook, iPod Touch, and/or Nexus S with us for entertainment. It’s inconvenient to have to carry around chargers for multiple devices, as well as a Macbook power cord if I have that with me as well. This bag would solve so many problems for me! Plus, it just looks sexy.
    Thanks for the great contest G Style, and congratulations on your 6th anniversary! Here’s to many more years to come. :)

  3. I would plug my PSP and iPod. Just to imagine how a bag like this would have saved me from boredom during my tedious flights… sugoi!

  4. Great giveaway! Would love to be able to plug in my cell phone on the go and/or my laptop….would also love to gift it to my brother who never remembers to charge his phone. He could definitely use it :)


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