RIM Digs a Deeper Hole for the Blackberry Playbook. OS 2.0 pushed to 02/2012

Well announced today by RIM, the OS 2.0 release will be delayed until February 2012. I mean I try to love Blackberry from a tech geek standpoint but they just seem to be pushing me further away. A lot of Playbook owners had been waiting for the OS 2.0 update that was supposed to give you a decent list of features.

Most topping the list was a Android App Player so you can play some of your favorite apps not available in the BB App World, and what I think is the most important was a native email, PIM, & BBM client. I mean Blackberry Bridge is cool but giving PB the option to do stuff itself would been great.

This all wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t keep telling us things were coming and then being pushed back each time. I’d like there is still hope for their smartphones especially with the QNX devices coming soon.
Does this OS delay effect you buying a Playbook now or it doesn’t matter?