I love music and basically anything that brings me closer to the personal listening of it. So why not become one with music with the company that epitomizes enhancement of sound, Bose? Bose is classic best in show when it comes to audio excellence. Their Around Ear AE2i acoustic equalization headphones+ Remote and Microphone don’t deliver anything less. They include a convenient carrying bag and are extremely comfortable. These are not noise reduction headphones, but you still feel like it’s just you and the music cushioned with pillowy soft ear pads.

They’re a great listen and won’t blast your eardrums into blown hollow speakers with a rattling sound. But would you expect anything less from Bose? Good quality sound coupled with a clean sleek design. Aside from music they proved great for listening to lectures and educational material as well. The quality gave me the feeling I was actually sitting in the classroom it was so crisp and clear. They retail at $179.95. I like them, but these are definitely a purchase based on preference. They may not be as fashionable or flashy as some of their competitors but they definitely aren’t slacking in delivering the goods. So as AE2i close, quality still shows and for those into easy listening chose these Bose. I know….lol.

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