The passing of Steve Jobs is tragic for the tech industry, we all knew this day was coming, but didn’t expect it so soon. Below is a few thoughts from some of our staff on G Style with our thoughts about Steve Jobs.

Steve Job is and will forever be a legend, a tech hall of famer. There is no one that can deny the achievements and accomplishments of this man. He directly spawn a revolution in the music industry, forever changed how we purchase and interact with music. His direction has changed what a phone does to the little mini computers we carry in our pocket now.  Under his guidance a company had successful brought tablets to the mainstream and has brought what was once only seen in imagination and on TV,  to the hands of millions.

I don’t proclaim to be an Apple fanboy, but I own a MacBook Pro. It is better than any PC I have ever used. I don’t use an Apple iPod, but I brought an iPod Touch for my fiance. As much as I don’t like the iPhone, I can’t deny the mark it has left on the smartphone world.

Steve was a captain of industry, whenever someone thinks of gadgets or technology, you can bet Steve Jobs name or Apple come to mind. His presence at press announcement brought people to their feet out of respect. His classic “One more thing” brought excitement and wonder to a crowd of people around the world.

Steve you will be missed. You are legendary and what you have done was truly “magical”.

Jason Anderson

There was a time when I really disliked Apple. It really had nothing to do with their products or the company itself but more with how I disliked how fans seemed to blindly follow and buy everything Apple made. I was anti-popular tech and always tried to shy away from what everyone else was using. That applied most definitely to the iPhone. For the first 3 generations of the iPhone, I was very against getting one and instead stuck with the BlackBerry just to be different from all my friends. That changed when the iPhone 4 and iOS 4 came out and I could no longer ignore Apple’s darling phone any longer.

From that day, I had become an Apple fan, but not even that, a fan of the man leading Apple to greatness, Steve Jobs. This was a man who commanded respect and when he spoke, people listened. You didn’t have to own an Apple product or even like Apple to hear what he had to say and more often than not, he really did know what he was talking about even if at the time, it seemed like complete crap.

Steve Jobs was a perfectionist and it really showed in all his endeavors. Apple, NeXT, Pixar, then back to Apple. He lived a full life and influenced many with his ideals and work ethics. I can say that even though I didn’t know personally, he has influenced my life and the way I conduct business on a daily basis.

Steve Jobs will be missed by all his fans as well as those who respected what he did for the world and for the tech industry. There will never be anyone else quite like him in thus world. I’m glad that he is no longer suffering from his battle with cancer and know that he has moved on the a better place. Even though he is gone, his memory and ideas will live with us for a very long time.

Samuel Huang

I want to make this very clear to everyone, we all know I ‘m not a fan of Apple products, anyone who knows me knows I like to start arguments with Apple vs Android (half the time I just wanna piss you guys off) but that does NOT mean the news of Steve Jobs passing did not affect me. Everyone wanted to out do Steve Jobs Inventions and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have the Gadgets I have now. Any Tech Geek whether you are a Apple fan or not was affected by last nights news, with that being said..The Tech world lost one of the Greatest Innovators of all time, he accomplished what most people didn’t think could be possible ~R.I.P. Steve Jobs~

Angelina Montanez

In honor of Steve Jobs, today G Style Magazine will go dark for the day and there will be no need post for today. Feel free to peruse our other articles on the site.

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